Written by daniel

Getting inspired is step #1 for citizens take action. This is why MakeSense organised the first event in Europe around the social impact of the Blockchain technology, featuring 3 social innovators from 3 continents.

The 150+ attendees – and 5k people online- got first-hand testimony on how the Blockchain technology can leverage sustainable solutions for three global challenges : democracy building, grassroots philanthropy and State modernization.

Connie Gallipi, founder of BitGive. The San Francisco-based startup rolls-out a donation tracking service to overcome the lack of trust towards NGO fund management. Built upon the Bitcoin Blockchain, this innovation is open-source.
Jean-Marc LeRoux, founder of Cocorico, built a Blockchain-powered e-voting system for the citizen community LaPrimaire.org. More than 100k+ casted their voted through the platform resulting in the widest use-case of Blockchain technology for voting.
 The Blockchain is the game-changer e-voting has been waiting for 20 years. It will reshape our political habits

Kariappa Bheemaiah
, columnist for Wired and HBR, showcased its work on the modernisation of the public IT infrastructure, with a focus on Universal Basic Income.

For the attendees, these events are the first stop of their MakeSense engagement journey which will bring them opportunities to create their own solutions. 6 weeks later, we have 15 of the attendees coming to a brand new workshop and ideating Blockchain solutions for the SDGs.

Like for the launch of the 3rd edition of the our program with Cisco , the MakeSense community organise events showcasing the power of technology to achieve the SDGs.